PHENIX ENGLISH SCHOOL ... フェニックスイングリッシュスクールは、2〜12歳 までネーティブスピーカーの担任と接する英会話スクールです。
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Welcome to Phenix English school. Founded in April 2001, we are proud to announce our third school just opening in Ebisu, Tokyo.

Phenix English School is committed to offering a unique bilingual learning opportunity for children of both international and Japanese families.Phenix English School gives the benefit of International study in a local setting. We believe that individual programs and limited class size are the keys to successful mastery of any new language.

An open and modern learning environment, coupled with a secure and caring atmosphere,maximizes immersion teaching methods to provide the best educational experience.

We are delighted to meet prospective parents and children and are proud to We're the Global Leader in Classes for Kidswelcome you to Phenix English School.

BABY CLASS: During their young years, children develop their first awareness of sounds in language ("phonological awareness"), but they also learn skills such as counting, fine motor control, coordination, listening, categorization, pattern recognition, behavior skills, and so on.

KINDER CLASS: At Phenix English School, rather thanconcentrate on rules or textbooks, we believe children learn language most effectively when offered many different approaches.Our main emphasis is the constant exposure to native speakers.
This, combined with games, field trips, songs, art, and celebration of holidays, encourages young children to enjoy school while becoming competent in a new language and culture. Since all five senses are being used, youngest learners develop multiple parts of the brain, not just the language centers.

ELEMENTARY CLASS:As students become older and more capable, we begin to teach more academic parts of the English language, such as grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and critical thinking, not losing the focus on making the learning fun.
With regular attendance students will be able to use English with confidence, even allowing them to live comfortably in a foreign country.

Teaching Staff Our expert teachers are trained early childhood professionals with experience teaching. Our teachers are accredited educators who are not only highly qualified, but vastly experienced. And most importantly, they are warm, caring individuals who love working with children and helping them grow and develop. They are from the United States.


Ebisu (TOKYO):
2-10-5 2F Ebisu-Minami Shibuya, Tokyo Japan 150-0022   TEL: 03-6451-0224

2128-1 Tomatsuri-cho Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi Japan        TEL: 028-666-4534

Koriyama: 1-11-13 Motomachi Koriyama-city Fukushima Japan           TEL: 029-925-5844

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